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September 27, 2023

The manufacturing process is not just what happens on the shop floor. It also includes the design, engineering, materials procurement, supply chain reliability and everything else needed to successfully deliver finished products. Challenges such as weak links in supply chains and chip shortages have forced a rethinking of the manufacturing process, from beginning to end. The U.S. has moved to alleviate some of these pressures, including an investment in more chip manufacturing here. But these solutions will take time to come fully online, which means manufacturers must look for short- and medium-term solutions to fill the gaps. In this webcast, Defense News explored how the manufacturing process is changing, how the industry is adapting to those changes and what it means for the future of defense manufacturing in America.

Guest Speakers:

Keith DeVries
Deputy Director, 
Office of the Secretary of Defense, Manufacturing Technology

Matt Medley
Global Industry Director,
Aerospace & Defense, IFS