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June 13, 2023

Maintaining peace in the Pacific is a top priority for the United States INDOPACIFIC Command, as it is not only protecting allies and partners in the region, but also ensuring the Indo-Pacific region remains free and open to support global trade. Keeping that peace is a precarious process, as near-peer adversaries such as China, rogue states and non-government actors look to disrupt the status quo in both the political and economic realms. Meeting that challenge requires a careful balance of political maneuvering as well as shows of strength such as joint military exercises. In this webcast, Defense News examined the strategic importance of the Indo-Pacific to the United States, how the military is working with diplomats and other nations to maintain order and the ever-changing challenges faced by U.S. forces throughout the region.

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Steve Wills
Center for Maritime Strategy,
Navy League of the United States

Kelly (Kel) Lawson
Vice President,
Strategic Initiatives,
Mission Technologies,