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October 11, 2022

The Army is putting its faith in a series of digital initiatives including digital twins, open-systems architecture, artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform how it fields and sustains its most disruptive technologies and weapons platforms. These approaches can use formalized models to create an authoritative source that allows developers the flexibility to observe and test how modifications to an ecosystem of parts will perform prior to being physically manufactured and deployed on the battlefield. But they can also include using machine learning and artificial intelligence to make better decisions on the battlefield, whether that comes from mapping, networking communications, robotics or more. In this panel event hosted by Defense News at AUSA, we heard from Army leadership about their goals for incorporating digital initiatives into their planning and operations, as well as its implications for soldier training, a digital-first culture and acquisition reform.

Guest Speakers:

Col. Matt Benigni

Chief Data Officer

Army Futures Command

Maj. Gen. Glenn A. Dean

Program Executive Officer

Ground Combat Systems

Brig. Gen. Geoffrey Norman

Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross Functional Team

U.S. Army

Mike Cadieux

Director for the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center

U.S. Army

Scott T. McGleish

Executive director, Space & C2 Systems

Raytheon Intelligence & Space